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                  Hello! Welcome to the website of Shandong Changqing Peroleum Hydraulic Machinery Co.,ltd.,!

                  Our goal:cooperation, win-win!

                  Founded in 1992,located in Qingzhou,a beautiful city,Shandong Changqing Peroleum Hydraulic Machinery Co.,ltd.,with the pace of petroleum industry repidly rising up and Qingzhou machinery industry flourishing,has capacity of annual products,150 well drilling pumps and 30000 hydraulic pumps,by introducing advanced technology,facilities and qualified technicians,and now has become one of the main domestic enterprises which make machineries and accessories used in petroleum,mines,metallurgy and engineering.

                  • `

                    Built in


                    Rich in funds


                    Technical staff

                    Quality assurance / Mass spot / Support customization

                    Quality Assurance

                    Customer trust comes from our dedicated attitude

                    Focus on the design and manufacture of petroleum machinery equipment

                    In 2019, the company passed the ISO9001:2015 quality certification.

                    Through the introduction of technology, equipment and talents, it has an annual production capacity of 200 sets of 3NB series and F series drilling pumps and 30,000 sets of hydraulic pumps.

                    More than 30 sets existing production equipment, including T6920D CNC boring and milling machine made by Qiqihar Second Machine Tool Factory, XH2400 Gantry Machining Center Made by Chuanhan Machine Tool Factory, and other 5 processing centers; And the sales revenue of 2007 is 20 million Yuan.

                    brand power

                    Scale and strength to build a brand of petroleum hydraulic machinery

                    Strong production

                    Drilling research

                    Heavy quality

                    Fine service


                    Strict control from raw material input to finished product output

                  • Picking

                  • Order production

                  • Strict debugging

                  • check carefully

                  • Skilled packaging

                  • Arrange packing

                  • Factory delivery

                  • NEWS

                    You can keep abreast of company news and industry information.


                    5352 Montserrat DR、Lakeland.FL.33812 USA


                    +86 150-5362-8088 158-5365-9633 158-9920-9997
                    +86 0536-3530889